Fifa Grass Roots

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The FIFA Grassroots programme encourages girls and boys to play and enjoy football without restrictions. It focuses on the enjoyment of the game through small-sided matches, teaching basic football skills, exercises and, ultimately, fair play.

This online course will be a useful tool for all those who would like to become involved in grassroots football. You will join FIFA as we strive to inspire the younger generation to have fun whilst playing our beautiful game. Thank you for your contribution to the development of football and we wish you every success in all of your activities at grassroots level. For the Game. For the World.


In implementing its mission statement, one of the three approaches adopted by FIFA is to “develop the game”. This is manifested in the main objective of the FIFA Grassroots Programme: to allow football to be discovered by as many people as possible.

The best way of attracting new players to the sport is to give them access to football in their own environment whatever their age, sex, physical condition, skin color, religion or ethnic origin. Grassroots football is football for all.

 FIFA’s Grassroots Programme targets boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 through school, community and club initiatives. It advocates exchanges and sharing human values and, of course, promotes the pleasure of playing our marvelous sport.

For some people, grassroots football is a focus for recreational activities, while for others it is the organized practice of the sport, with training and matches, within a school or club framework.


This course takes about 20 hours, but you can complete it within the appropriate time periods for you.

Course Certificate

You will be granted an official certificate certified by the Leadership Development Institute and the Saudi Ministry of Sports, which is recognized by the Saudi Football Association, the Asian Football Confederation, and the International Football Association (FIFA).

Course Features

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  • Duration 20 hours
  • Language English, Arabic
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  • Coaching Grassroots 0

    1-Philosophy of Grassroots football 2-The coach-educator 3-The characteristics of children and the educational approach

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  • Technical elements for Grassroots education 0

    1-Small-sided games 2-The basic techniques 3-Laws of the game for small sided formats 4-Futsal and beach soccer

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  • Organisation of Grassroots events 0

    1-The Grassroots football session 2-Organisation of tournaments 3-Organisation of festivals

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